Patented architecture


This page provides a technical description of the patented STaR architecture. The STaR (Spheric Translation and Rotation) architecture is the underlying principle and mechanism used to create our highly compact turbines, pumps, and aggregates.


The STaR architecture is based on the movements of its parts, which slide and rotate relative to each other. It features a sphere in the housing that is divided into four compartments by two rotating discs. Two rotating chambers are located above the horizontal plane and two below it. As the horizontal disc rotates, the four chambers expand and contract, allowing for the construction of our compact generators, pumps, and aggregates.

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The generation and consumption of electrical energy is managed by magnets coupled to the rotor disc and coils anchored in the housing. The animation below visually demonstrates the STaR architecture's movements.

Additionally, the animation shows ports for the supply and discharge of gases or liquids. These ports are used for turbines and pumps, where the turbine is driven by overpressure of gases or liquids, generating rotation and electrical energy, while the pump uses electrical energy for rotation and moves gases or liquids.


The STaR architecture provides the following advantages:

  • Highly compact design that is 50% smaller and lighter than traditional designs.
  • Simple architecture that results in less vibration and noise.
  • Scalable.
  • Robust and easy to maintain.
  • Sustainable and requires less material.
  • Cheaper to produce in large quantities.
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