About Be-Rex

Our mission

Welcome to Be-Rex, where our mission is to contribute to the acceleration of the transition to an electric society through the use of new-generation machines.

Our products are characterized by their reliability, simplicity, lightweight design, ease of maintenance, and scalability. As stated by our CEO & founder, Pim Bekking, these are the values that guide us in our quest to develop top-quality products.

While most people are familiar with the Titanic story, few realize that modern cruise ships no longer rely on steam or combustion engines. Instead, they are powered by electric motors, which are fed by aggregates.

Similarly, electric trains have replaced steam trains, with overhead lines providing the necessary power. However, in areas without these lines, diesel generators supply electricity for propulsion.

At Be-Rex, we have developed a compact aggregate that can complement existing infrastructure, enabling electric take-off and landing while flying with fuel over long distances, among other applications.

Join us on our mission to build a more sustainable future.



Roles and responsibilities
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Pim Bekking

CEO & founder

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Godfried Puts

COO & developer

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Georgios Bikas

CSO & scientist

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Joris van Tubergen

CTO & designer


Generation20 Experience Center

Connecting with young adults (Generation20).
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