Be-Rex is a product development company that specializes in creating targeted products based on its patented architecture. The company works closely with parties in various industries to develop products for two distinct markets: B2B and B2C.

Portable generator for Defense (B2C)
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For B2C customers, Be-Rex is currently developing a portable generator in collaboration with the Dutch Department of Defence. This highly compact and portable generator produces over 5 kW of power and is designed to replace the existing jeep-trailer-generator combination used in military operations. By simplifying logistics, the generator enables faster and more effective action.

Turbines and pumps (B2B)

In addition to the portable generator, Be-Rex also manufactures turbines and pumps using its revolutionary STaR architecture. The company is open to working with B2B customers to further develop these products and make its models and knowledge available to jump-start developments. Be-Rex guarantees exclusivity to B2B customers as it holds the underlying patents in the most important countries worldwide.

If you're interested in Be-Rex's products, particularly B2B customers, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Pim Bekking, the CEO and Founder of Be-Rex B.V., can be reached at
+31 318 84 05 69 of
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